We love Airbnb’s so much that we clearly need to be their spokespeople, but until then, we want to break down why Airbnb’s are the loves of our lives. There’s something so special about staying in someone’s home especially when going abroad because you seriously get to live like you’re a local. We love a good home that is fully decorated with cultural artifacts and signature pieces. Here are a few reasons why Airbnb’s are undeniably the best place to rest your head while you travel!

Hosts are More Hospitable

Let’s be honest, these hosts are letting you into their homes…so naturally they will be so much sweeter than hotel folks! You’re probably their only guest when you book with them (depending on how many properties they have up), so they’re usually super attentive! Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not speaking for all hosts so reading reviews before booking is imperative.

More Bang For Your Buck

Serious question: Why stay in a cramped hotel room when you can get an entire house for the same price?

Don’t play yourself. Not only do you get more space to slide in your socks from the kitchen to the living room while you get ready for the day, but some hosts LOVE to provide complimentary things! Our host back in Miami had hookahs for our use in their home (like wow, what a plus) and we’ve been in a couple of Airbnb’s that had a stocked fridge and drinks for us to have.

Since we’re talking fridges….YOU ACTUALLY HAVE A FRIDGE AND MICROWAVE FOR YOUR LEFTOVERS! Taking food back to your hotel just to realize there is no place to reheat the next day is the absolute worst.

Earn Delta SkyMiles


ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS book your Airbnb through Delta. Delta has a partnership with Airbnb (just like Lyft), so whenever you book through their official site at www.deltaairbnb.com you will gain 1 SkyMile per $1 spent if you have a Delta SkyMiles account! Nope, you don’t even need to apply for a Delta credit card if you were wondering, just create a login on their site! This can really add up, especially when you’re booking your place for a group.

But it gets even better…sometimes Delta will have limited time offers where you can get double the miles per dollar spent or even 5 MILES per dollar spent if you book by a certain date. It’s super random, but just imagine all those SkyMiles….take advantage!

So, bam. Gain SkyMiles even when you’re taking a road trip or flying Spirit. Ha!

You Can Live Like a Local

Staying in someone’s home just makes the travel experience 10x better especially when the place feels like your destination (you know what we mean). It steps your trip up a notch.

Also, hosts really play a part in helping you live like a local because most of them have great suggestions on what to do because the city is their home! We’ve had a few hosts come in clutch with the hole in the wall spots and that’s what we’re into because trips are more than only visiting what’s most popular and touristy.

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