Jimbaran, Bali

Jimbaran and Ubud were absolutely nothing alike and we are so glad we could experience two different sides to Bali. Bali’s undeniable beauty was what sparked our interest in visiting the island, but Jimbaran’s tropical nature and beaches is what helped us decide that this was the village we wanted to cap our trip off at.  We spent majority of our time at our resort while staying in Jimbaran and rarely ventured away because we were thoroughly beat by the Ubud sun and our experiences. If you read our Ubud blog then you absolutely understand. The only thing we were interested in was the POOL. We went every single day and we didn’t feel bad, it was well deserved. Here’s our Jimbaran breakdown:

Where did we stay?

Our experience in Jimbaran was completely different from our time in Ubud because this time around we stayed in one of Bali’s most famous resorts, Ayana Resort and Spa. I’m sure when you think of a 5 star resort + Bali you’d think we spent an arm and a leg, but that’s not the case. Our breathtaking Hillside Room only cost us $153 per night. Unbelievable. We got the advanced purchase deal when we booked through their official website and received $10 resort credit/night and 10% off whenever we went to the Rock Bar.

Although, Jimbaran and our resort felt like heaven, we don’t suggest you stay in that city if you want more than a resort life. The resort is so large and far away from the younger crowd and parties. If you visit the western Bali coast, we suggest you find a hotel or Airbnb in Canggu, North Kuta or Seminyak. These cities are so much closer to the hustle and bustle and exciting nightlife.

How did we get around?

Things were much different in Jimbaran because we only left the resort max two times. Everything we could ever dream of wanting was at our resort. The spa, infinity pools, restaurants with different cuisines (Japanese, Mexican, Balinese, Indian, etc.) bars, yoga, golf courses; you name it, it was there!

Whenever we left the resort, which was rare, the concierge hailed us a cab. Since we were staying at the Ayana resort it was only natural the drivers assumed we would pay big bucks for a ride, but we shut that down real quick. We played the bargaining game of course because we weren’t about to spend 30 bucks to go up the street hunny. GOOD DAY.


What did we do?
*of course not much, but here’s what we did ANYWAYSSS*

  • Rock Bar – Rock Bar is NOT your local bar. Jimbaran is most known for the home of this extremely popular bar and Rock Bar is well-known for its killer sunsets and the fact that it sits on the edge of a CLIFF. Yes, girl. A cliff. The bar was located right at our resort, so we could go whenever our heart desired! I truly believe this bar is why a lot of people decide they want to visit Bali honestly and it makes total sense. It’s different different. The ride down to get to the bar was an experience itself. Breathtaking.

  • Finn Beach Club – HELLO DAY PARTY! Finn’s is well-known for their cool, hip day parties located right on the beach. To enter you must purchase day bed, but its worth it. Plus they have a pool bar, who doesn’t swim-up pool bars??

  • Motel Mexicola - We went to go party more after leaving Finn’s (duh) and we ended up here after a girl we met at the day party (she’s travels to Bali often) took us here in Seminyak. This street is fulllll of places to go and Motel Mexicola was lit and the place is decorated pretty cool!

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