One of the most well-known cities in the world, if not, the most well-known. The city you travel to multiple times because you can’t squeeze all your activities into one trip. The city where your diet magically ends for the week because the options are irresistible. The city where you LITERALLY cannot sleep because it’s comes alive in the night time *major Drake s/o*

Every trip there feels so brand new because you’re never really doing the same thing! New food, new sites, new vibes, new friends to make and more New York attitudes *haha*. This time around we visited the big apple during March and we already knew the weather would be iffy. Luckily, we came the weekend after that huge Nor’easter and left right before another huge snow storm hit! Look at God, huh! So, we can’t complain much about how unbelievably cold it was because clearly…it could’ve been so much worse.

Where did we stay?

Airbnb’s are ALWAYS our go-to spot to rest our heads when it comes to traveling. Airbnb’s give you more bang for your buck…more space for less money and we also just seriously love cleaning our own mess.

Last time we were in NYC (July 2017), we grabbed a hotel in the Financial District because it was pretty last minute trip and all the super cool, spacious, and reasonably priced Airbnb’s were non-existent. This trip we figured the Financial District was a little too far south for everything we seriously wanted to and it was full of serious, corporate people *yuck* and we weren’t feeling that.

We found this awesome spot in Kips Bay that was fully renovated, had pretty nice reviews and had Apple TV (duh causes we gots to keep up with our shows too). Click that hyperlink if you’re interested in staying there for your next visit. Dan was a great host and the pictures don’t do the place justice, it was so adorable!

photos taken off Airbnb site

What did we eat?

Oh my gosh, picking a spot to eat was entirely too difficult!! We enjoy pre-picking spots to eat because we need to know if there is usually a wait, if their reviews are on point, what their menu looks like, how far is it from where we plan to already be, is the place cute af, etc. We need to know it all, basically.

If we don’t do this…we’ll be stuck doing the run around on an empty stomach looking like booboo the fool when we can’t be seated. Mess around and be at your local chain restaurant (and that’s a major no-go).

Here are the top 3 spots we decided on during this trip:

Gelso & Grand

We decided we wanted something that is somewhat authentic Italian food, so we guess what part of NYC we stumbled upon…ding ding ding….Little Italy!

photos taken from Yelp

Sitting on the corner of Mulberry & Grand is this super cute spot that has patio seating and a beautiful indoor dining area. We obviously opted for indoor seating because we didn’t travel to New York in March to purposely sit and eat pasta and pizza in 30 degree weather. It wasn’t hard to grab a table without reservations on a Thursday evening, but I recommend making reservations because I have read about how busy it can be. I must say this place is great for a date night because it’s classy, has a well put together rustic look, very dim lighting for dinner and has an overall great atmosphere.

The menu has a great variety…it’s not overwhelming and it’s not too small to the point where you can’t even find something you’d want to try.

Gelila had a serious taste for pasta and it was recommended that she try the Ricotta & Spinach Agnolotti. She went a little out of her comfort zone by basing her order only on the waiter’s recommendation and she wasn’t disappointed. She loved the pasta! She really enjoyed the mix of creamy & zesty flavors which paired nicely with the added marble potatoes and hazelnut.

I knew my first food choice in New York was going to be pizza, so I ordered the Stracciatella & Squash (toppings: butternut & delicate squash, leeks, stracciatella & sage). It was amazing! All their pizzas are served by the pie, but are just a bit bigger than a personal. We saw a family of 3 share a whole pie, but I also finished a whole pie by myself…you be the judge. J The pizza was creamy, yet very light. It was a perfect combination of both and the toppings paired so well together. Yummm!


Okay, look…I know I said what I said about chains, but listen. This was SO good! Gelila and our friend Betty were trying to continue t’soming (somewhat) throughout our trip, so we tried to keep our vegan options in the mix. There are multiple Bareburger locations, but after visiting the Friend’s apartment in Greenwich, we went to the location that was in walking distance. It gives off the typical earthy, healthy restaurant vibe. Bright place, super green, super cute.

First of all, have you ever had a sweet potato, kale and wild rice patty before? IF NOT, IT’S A MUST TRY HERE! You’ve got a ton of great patty options, but I decided on that one and topped it with American cheese, spinach, red onions, tomatoes, jalapeños, pickles and guac. My mouth is literally watering again.

Gelila wasn’t the biggest fan of this place, though. She decided to get the black bean burger because it was a safe choice. She thought the burger was pretty good overall, but she did complain of some weird after taste that kept bothering her. :/  but I fully vouch for this spot! I think she unfortunately just made a bad pick. Better luck next time.

Seasoned Vegan

BLACKED OWNED ALERT!! We love our black owned businesses for sure and this spot deserves some shine. This place was suggested by a friend that lives in Harlem and I am so happy we ended up here. It’s right on the corner of W 113th and Nicholas Ave, so if you’re ever in Harlem and looking for a healthier option, dine here! Seasoned Vegan is a family business and ran by a mother and son. I was able to meet the owner and another young man that helped run the business and they are Morehouse men! We found a little piece of Atlanta in Harlem. They were so welcoming and fun.

The vibe is great and they had a live DJ Friday night when we came in (around 10). It was also pretty packed and kind of hard to find a table that fit 5, but that says a lot about their food! If you’re afraid to eat vegan because you love meat so much and you think you’ll hate it…this spot will change your mind. You won’t even realize you’re actually not eating meat or dairy.

Unfortunately, we enjoyed too many glasses of Sangria and forgot to take pictures of everything we ate. BUT, here a few things we enjoyed: a “shrimp” Po’Boy, “chicken” nuggets, mac n “cheese”, and French fries. YES, that’s what we ate and if we’re being honest here…ALL FIRE!! Highly recommended spot for first time vegan eaters, you actually might decide to change your life around and take the plant based route after this…or maybe let’s not jump the gun. We need hot wings in our life….foreva eva.


What did we do? 

If I went into detail about every single thing we did during this weekend trip, you wouldn’t even believe me. We did so much our bodies were numb from being out in the cold all day. We’ll definitely have a blog post on our top five or so suggestion, but here are just a few things from this trip we did and suggest:

  • Brunch at Sons of Essex: (yasss mimosas, yasss fye DJ, yassss a huge pit to harlem shake in!)

  • Get lit at TAO Nightclub: So, just my luck…the night Gelila and our friend Betty went to TAO, I got sick and had to sleep in! Anywho, Gelila described this place as “walking into a New York club scene straight from a movie”. If that doesn’t turn you on immediately, there’s nothing more I can say. J


  • Get cursed out by a bike rider on the Brooklyn Bridge: If you want to piss a New Yorker off, walk in the bike lane on the Brooklyn Bridge. Your trip will be set.

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