Travel Itineraries

We understand that planning a trip takes a lot of work. You have to research the best times to visit the destination, find the cheapest flights & best places to stay. Not to mention planning out what you want to do when you get there. 

Here is where we come to the rescue and help you cut down on the work. This page is filled with itineraries of the cities we have visited to help make your lives a little bit easier!

All itineraries can be found in the name of the city. Enjoy :)


Everything you need for your next Cuba trip is here! From the places you must visit, to the food you’ll indulge in, to the bars you have to check out! Click the link for your Cuba Itinerary!

Our recent trip to St. Thomas was definitely one for the books. Follow this custom itinerary for our list of top things to do while on the island and use it to help keep your next trip organized!