Bali was like no other place Gelila and I had experienced and that is being said in the best way possible. Our trip had a few ups and downs, but during our entire time in Ubud, it was as if we were walking through art. Everything seemed so unreal. After traveling for over 25 hours and missing a connection flight, it was all worth it.

Where did we stay?

 Funny, not so funny story. We unintentionally stayed in THREE different Airbnbs in three days. Yes, I said what I said. Here’s what happened:

We almost died. Periodt.
Just kidding.

But in all honesty, we just aren’t as adventurous as we thought we were when it came to where we lay our heads at night. Our first home, the home we planned to stay in for our entire time in Ubud was a literal hut in the middle of the Bali rice fields….as we knew, but we weren’t prepared for the realness. It was BREATHTAKING, but it had no doors, no air conditioning and bugs were crawling everywhere…on the bed, all over the outdoor shower (of course), and all over the floor. No matter where you turned, A BUG.

Our last straw with the home was when we realized we couldn’t leave when the sun had set for our own safety reasons. The Airbnb host provided a flashlight for when we wanted to leave at night because to get to the main road and reach civilization you must walk down a LONG, dark path. It was pretty dangerous, but besides it being dangerous…..you know what comes out at night? EVEN MORE BUGS.


 On the bright side, our Airbnb had free breakfast daily at the property’s community lounge, an infinity pool, and a giant swing over the pool that overlooked the rice fields, but unfortunately that didn’t win us over. We still decided to leave and our host was very accommodating. Luckily, he had multiple properties all nearby each other, but nothing was open for two consecutive nights, so we did some bouncing around and we can definitely say we got to experience Ubud in a unique way and each home was even more beautiful than the last.

See or book our Ubud homes below:


How did we get around?

Bali is BIG on mopeds, so take advantage. Scooters taxis are all around Bali, just bargain with someone you find on the street and catch a ride to your destination for a great price. They will always overcharge (being overcharged there is still dirt cheap, btw), but bargaining is a fun game so see how low you can go! Most rides are just a few bucks and it’s VERY safe so don’t be afraid, but of course, be aware of your surroundings ALWAYS.

We started off the first couple days with a personal taxi driver because our Airbnb host had him pick us up from that airport, so we just stuck with him, but we began to realize how much we were really paying. He would be with us the entire day and take us wherever we wanted to go and we would pay around $60. Yeah, crazy. We eventually realized how ridiculous that was and chucked the deuces up on him and started taking scooters everywhere.


You can also rent your own moped for so cheap….like $8 or $10 a day! That’s definitely a steal and super convenient if you actually know how to drive. It’s something we tried to do, but….that’s another sad story, but here is the long story cut short — we rented the moped, Gelila started driving, we immediately fell off, the owner chased us down and said get off because he didn’t trust us and thought we’d die in Bali traffic….then we went on our merry way to find a taxi.

What did we do?

  • Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary - the monkey forest is a must, but stay alert and hide all your belongings because they will sneak up on your and steal all your things! Trust me, we saw it with our own eyes.

  • Yoga at Radiantly Alive - you can’t go to Bali and not take a yoga class, I mean….where else in the world can you be more at peace?

  • Bali Swing - amazing place for photos, these swing photos are seen all over Instagram, just be aware that the lines can get unbelievably long and sometimes unbearable in the Bali sun. We suggest that if you decide to go, pay for the professional photo or bring your own. iPhone didn’t capture great photos for us.

  • Tirta Empul Temple - one of the most popular temples in Ubud. The Balinese Hindus go for purification and you can also get purified in their holy spring waters.


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